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Ragdoll Cat

Welcome to the BAKER STREET Nursery


Kittens are fully vaccinated and neutered before leaving us. They are also certified  FCoV negative. 

We breed for exceptional quality and maintain the highest standards. 

Kittens: Welcome


Giving them the best start



Often our litters are planned years in advance with potential parents being carefully matched. We aim to produce the strongest and healthiest kittens possible.
All our cats are tested clear from the known HCM genes. Copies of these certificates are provided in the kitten packs. 
We are one of only a handful of catteries worldwide who can state that our cats are Corona (FCoV) Virus-free. See Health & Research pages for details. This leaves the kittens free to develop and thrive without the burden of a potentially fatal viral load.



Our kittens are born in our home, often on our bed! New mums are carefully monitored and babies handled and socialized from day one. Weaning and litter training commences when they are ready but are generally well underway by six weeks.
Babies are kept with mum until they leave - she has a lot to teach them and every life lesson is precious.
All kittens are reared in the home with our four children and five dogs. It makes for a madhouse but ensures a robust social upbringing.
When you come to visit you will see mum and the litter as a minimum. We aim to also show you dad, we often have aunties, grandparents and sometimes older siblings to show you too, so bring your cameras.



Our kittens:

Receive their first health check and vaccination at nine weeks, and the second at twelve weeks


Neutered at around 3 months

Preventatively treated for worms and parasites (with a prescription-only product)

Corona Virus test certificates are provided from Glasgow Veterinary University for parents 

GCCF Registered


 We are committed to sending our little ones into the world with the very brightest future.



Our kittens are registered with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy.

We hold ourselves to the very highest standards.

In accordance with these standards, our kittens are provided with:

GCCF Registration (not for breeding) 

A five-generation, certified pedigree

HCM test certificates for both parents provided

Full vaccination (including leukaemia)

Insurance (4 or 5 weeks free, depending on provider)

Care information

Food & Kitten pack

Home blanket

Lifetime of support



We do our very best to give our kittens the very best start in life and expect their new owners to share this level of commitment. 

Our kittens come with a lifetime contract which states that in the event the kitten [subsequently cat] can no longer remain in his/her home for whatever reason, then they must be returned to us.

No exceptions

If this is unpalatable, please contact another breeder.

A copy of the contract will be emailed to you prior to your first visit.

Please be aware that buying a kitten from us is not a "transaction," we have far more people applying than kittens available. We have professional careers aside from our passion of breeding and showing cats. Our first priority is matching our little ones to ideal homes.

If you feel your dedication matches ours, then contact us to discuss. 

We do not allow our kittens to go to live in FCoV positive environments.

Why would we put them in harm's way after all our hard work? If you already have a cat and wish to have one of ours, please arrange to have yours tested. We do not make demands on anyone to treat their cats but we will not put our kittens at risk. a negative kitten will remain uninfected providing it does not share a litter tray with an infected cat, so its not difficult to keep them safe. 

We always give priority and a small discount to people who are looking for a pair of kittens. It is a bigger commitment initially but nobody ever regrets it and it is the best solution for the cats and their long term well being. 

Thanks for looking.

If you want to be added to our list for future litters, please complete our information form.

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