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Education in Eradication - Prevention is better than Cure

Health & Research: Welcome

Veterinary medicine is making huge advances in the area of FIP treatment and FCoV eradication.

Sheryl has been collaborating with Dr Diane Addie, and Sheryl co-authored Dr. Diane Addie’s ground-breaking research paper published in 2019 and the latest paper published in 2023. See below for links to both. 

These papers prove FCoV can, and has been eradicated in a number of multicat households and is an achievable real goal for breeders. As such, Baker Street founder, Sheryl is fortunate to be at the very forefront of developments in this exciting area.


The body of knowledge is developing rapidly. Experts in the field are cascading the emerging knowledge down to vets and owners but this is not happening quickly enough. As a result, old misgivings and false information persist. Our personal research over the last few years has given us the following insights:

  • Intermittent shedding does not exist. Only reinfection can cause a cat to recommence viral shedding.

  • Eradication of Feline Corona Virus is entirely possible, our scientific research validates this. The Falkland Islands have been FCoV free for years.

  • FCoV is readily transmitted by litter tray sharing but not by other means. We had active shedding cats housed alongside seronegative cats for more than three years without ANY evidence of cross-infection.


Working at the forefront of scientific research, we support these claims with independently verified scientific evidence.


Our cattery is 100% Corona Virus free and has been since October 2019.


Our cats and kittens mix freely with our family and each other, they are well socialised and have access to both external and internal areas. In short, our cats do not live in an isolated "bubble". They are happy, well balanced and loved.


Ours is a “normal” family home, we do not exercise barrier nursing or pursue unrealistic cleaning regimes. In short, eliminating FCoV is possible and manageable. In the near future, all breeders can achieve FCoV free status and in doing so, end the biggest killer of cats under two years, FIP!



Sadly, in our darkest hour, we had no help to enable us to clear the foul virus but in posting this we hope to help others.

The advice given here is purely our own findings and you are entirely at liberty to ignore it!

If your cat (s) is infected with FCoV, they can theoretically eradicate it spontaneously, unfortunately in our experience, this hardly ever happens. Cats re-infect each other, or the immune system is so inhibited by the virus that the cat just learns to live with it, never eliminating it. 

We receive no benefits from any company whatsoever and have no affiliations, but we have used Mutian Products, so can recommend those as we know they work with minimal side effects. The tablets/capsules are preferable to injections and for these reasons alone, we decided to use their products. 

Firstly, no cat should be treated for anything unless there is a problem! There are lots of harmless strains of FCoV, so unless you have had FIP or have another good reason to treat, we don't advocate it. 

However, if you are on this page and reading this it is assumed you have a problem with FCoV...or FIP.

As a starting point, it is best practice to have a poop sample analysed by a reputable lab. We use Glasgow as they offer the gold standard in FCoV testing, Please ensure you order the correct test.


The link to the form is available here and it's the FCoV real-time PCR test you need with CT Count. Make sure you ask for that on the form.


It's counterintuitive but the higher the CT, the less virus the cat is shedding. So, a freshly infected cat may have a CT of 12-15 whilst a cat who is nearing elimination of it may have a CT of 38 and the limit of testing is about 39-40. 

Consult your vet on processing the sample, but you need a very small, fresh sample of chilled poop, no litter and securely packaged and sent no later than Wednesday for testing the following weekly cycle at the lab, for optimal results. 

Since we published our paper, Mutian changed their formula so please use this simple method. Just order five days of treatment from the rep as if you were treating for Wet FIP, based on your cat's weight.

The dry form of FIP requires a higher dosage, so please adhere to the lower dosage for FCoV elimination.

BOVA have now licensed the drug in tablet form in the UK but it is currently only licensed for FIP treatment, although your vet is entitled to use it off label should they choose.  Speak to your vet for further information.


Please also be aware that as my good friend Candice of Eiserblew Ragdolls and her most excellent vet friend Neil Dear of Donnington Grove Veterinary Practice discovered, the genetic material produced by FCoV can take up to 40 days to die off,  so your cats may not test negative immediately after treatment and subsequent testing. Retest after around 28 days and you should find the cat has eliminated the virus. If not, wait another 12 days and retest again.

If you are clearing a cattery full of cats, treat the cats in pairs and keep the pairs isolated from each other until they test clear. Please don't stress about keeping everything sterile. Clean of course but our experience is that the virus is not contracted by tracking or through airborne infection.  Again, this contradicts the opinion of others but we are almost four years FCoV free and have found transmission by shared litter trays to be the only transfer route. 

We are happy to give non-judgemental, anecdotal, free advice to anyone who requires it, so please drop us a line if required.

We have been clear since October 2019 and I can't tell you how good it feels.

No reinfections. 

Good luck to all of you, it can be done! 




If you are a visual learner, this simple video helps you to understand how FCoV is spread.


This is the website of Dr. Diane Addie who is one of the world's foremost experts in the field and has decades of experience. She is infinitely approachable and will take private consultations (with permission from your vet).
Please take a while to peruse this site, there are layers and layers of information on here.


Oral Mutian®X stopped faecal feline coronavirus shedding by naturally infected cats, 2019.

Stopping feline coronavirus shedding prevented feline infectious peritonitis, 2023.


This book contains everything you need to know about FCoV


This youtube video explains the merits of the vaccine and addresses the myths.

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