The following cats and kittens are available to new homes subject to the new owner completing our vetting process. You will note most of the cats are available as pairs...

Why pairs are preferable

Most of our cats and kittens go to their new homes in pairs as the psychological benefits to the cats are enormous. Ragdolls have had the normal survival instincts dumbed down by selective breeding, so they are a danger to themselves if they are allowed outside unaccompanied. This makes their world smaller, and so we must ensure they have stimulation. Ragdolls are also prized for their sociable disposition and can be incredibly needy for attention and this can make them prone to loneliness. Even the most attentive of owners have other commitments, so in most circumstances we recommend a pair. Research has shown that the strongest feline bonds are between siblings. We spend a lot of time observing our cats and only the most independent go singly or to a home with another pet. Part of our observation process involves us watching for bonded pairs within a litter.

Once a pair of cats develop a strong bond, they become dependent on each other. They show their affection, by grooming each other, playing, sleeping, and lounging together. Bonded cats view their companionship as a source of comfort. This study by Dr Landsberg makes for interesting reading. Social Behavior of Cats


If you have a cat friendly dog, our kittens tend to get along well with well mannered dogs as we have dogs at home.

You will also notice we are not in ANY hurry to let our kittens leave and our kittens/young cats are usually older than those offered by other breeders. That is because they stay with us until they are 100% ready, or until we believe they are. Sometimes they stay a while longer whilst they recover from neutering, sometimes they stay longer because they were from a very small litter and need a bit longer to benefit from additional social interaction and sometimes it's just because we can't bear to part with them!


Please don't infer anything negative from the fact they are still here several months after we could have sold them, it's simply not about "selling " cats for us.

Learn more about them below and if you feel you can offer a loving, secure, indoor home please complete the form on the contact page.

The "Thundercats" Boys

These boys are WHOPPERS, the biggest paws we have had in any litter to date, they are like door stops, they are so solid. Hence the Thundercat's naming theme. They thunder across our wooden floors like a herd of wilder beast! They have 100% English pedigrees, which is sadly virtually unheard of these days.


They are loving, confident, sweet, fun and naughty. These fellas are what everyone hopes for when they imagine having a Ragdoll kitten. They have endless energy and are ready almost immediately.

Obviously they are neutered already, so no need to worry about that. 

Our cats are FCOV negative as you may have noticed, so if you already have a cat, we do ask you have yours tested before coming to us as we will not put our little monsters as risk.

The boys are well mannered, litter trained, fully vaccinated, neutered, GCCF Registered, microchipped. They have a fantastic pedigree. Dad is resident Chunk, Monkey. Mum has been neutered, these were her first litter but she wasn't the best at cleaning and grooming,  but this has an upside as it means the boys have no fear of water and are very happy to be washed and groomed. We are in no rush to part with these fantastic lads and they are only available to loving and obedient slaves. (Sorry, owners!!)  



The leader of the gang, just like his namesake. He is bold, fearless and handsome!



Loving, snuggly, loyal and naughty, he is a strapping lad.



Tummy rub addicted purr box, loves his snuggles, kisses and cuddles. This lad is going to be the biggest softie.

Waiting List

Please get in touch to discuss forthcoming litters.

For those already on our list, we usually move fairly quickly as we believe it is unethical to get anyones hopes up and even mention kitten availability until the kittens have been vet checked at 11 weeks.


Unlike some who accept deposits based upon scan images, we believe in ensuring the kitten is fit and healthy before notifying the new family. So, please don't become disheartened if you have been waiting for a while, just drop us an email every now and then and we will be in touch soon.

We offer a discount for those wishing to have a pair as we understand and promote the benefits for the cats.