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Prices subject to change, correct at the time of writing.

Kittens are available once neutered and fully recovered, typically at 16-18 weeks.


All our kittens are FCoV negative, GCCF Registered, Neutered, Microchipped, fully vaccinated, insured, preventatively treated for parasites, and lovingly reared in the home.

They are kept with Mum right until they leave, to get the full benefit of her experience and guidance.

Providing you intend to keep your cats as indoor pets and do not wish to let them share a litter tray with other cats, there is no reason why they can't remain naturally FCoV free for life.

Our kittens are £950 each inclusive of all costs, testing, vaccinations and neutering. We offer a generous discount for pairs which are currently £1,500. 

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