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(Kittens collected at 14 weeks)

Collection 14 weeks. All our kittens are FCoV free, GCCF Registered, Neutered, Microchipped, fully vaccinated, insured, etc.reared in the home, and lovingly reared. Providing you intend to keep your cats as indoor pets and do not want to let them mix with other cats, this is a good option. If you have had cats with FIP previously or have other risk factors then you should consider the premium option.


Premium (including FIP Vaccinations)
(Kittens collected at 20 weeks)

The FIP Vaccine is imported to the UK under a special import license from the USA. It is administered at 16 and 19 weeks which means the kittens cannot leave us until 20 weeks. This option is best suited to anyone who has had FIP in their household previously or who has other risk factors perhaps cats who roam outside. Vets, vet nurses or those who work in shelters may also wish to consider this option.


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