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We are proud to be FCoV Free!

FIP is the biggest killer of Cats under two years of age

No FCoV means NO FIP

See Health & Research page for more information


A new paper published in March 2023

See Health & Research page for details


We breed for exceptional quality and maintain the highest possible standards. 

We are accredited breeders with the GCCF and The British Ragdoll Cat Club

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What drives us?

There’s nothing better than bringing joy and companionship into the lives of others.

Ensuring that relationship is a long, happy, healthy one is our goal.

FIP (Feline infectious Peritonitis) is a fatal and until recently, incurable disease which plagues a significant proportion of cats, breeders, and catteries.

When we experienced it, we took a vow to tackle the issue head-on.

We were told that there was "nothing to be done," it was "unavoidable," fighting it was like "fighting oxygen." Breeders blamed specific pedigree lines or poor hygiene standards.

We were given lots of advice, mostly well-intended but without any scientific basis.

We decided enough was enough!

Through systematic scientific research, we have conducted several studies and finally identified a compound that eliminates FCoV. Working with one of the world's foremost experts in the field, Dr. Diane Addie, we eliminated the virus and co-authored some ground-breaking scientific publications.

See the link below.

We believe that we are the first Cattery in the UK to offer FCoV free kittens

There are still those who still say FCoV eradication can't be done - however, we have the certificates from Glasgow School of Veterinary Medicine to prove it can! 

Our cats and kittens are precious to us and each one holds a special place in our hearts. To us, it is imperative that owners have the reassurance that their best friend has had the very best start and support required for a happy healthy life together.

We’ve learned a lot about Ragdolls and cats in general over the years. We have multiple Champions at home and are privileged to have been entrusted with some of the very oldest, most precious Old English and Traditional Ragdoll lines. These pedigrees trace right back to the original Ragdoll, Josephine, and the founder of the breed, Anne Baker. We named our Cattery in honour of Anne Baker, who was known to be a real character coupled with our love of the classic song by Jerry Rafferty.

We are totally committed to breeding from the very best bloodlines and rearing in optimal conditions whilst retaining a commitment to type and temperament. We do not produce many kittens which sometimes means we cannot help everybody.  

To find out more please get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help.

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